Is your Podiatry clinic listed in the Google '3 pack' for a search in your city?

If not, then you need our services. How much is it worth it to you in terms of new patients is it to be listed there? Our search engine optimization (SEO) service is specifically tailored for Podiatry clinics with a unique team of SEO experts and a Podiatry internet expert who gives us the edge over the rest. If you are not doing this, then your competitors will be.

We offer two packages, depending on your current situation:
Package One: if you already rank in the '3-pack' and want to keep it there over the longer term and improve other rankings steadily, slowly and consistently (more)
Package Two: if you are not already in the '3-pack' and want to get there (and then change to Package One when it is achieved) (more)

Consider this: What is a new patient worth to your clinic? What is your typical cost of acquisition of a new patient? Compare that to what we charge. Is that not worth it?

If you want to know more read about the packages, then check the FAQ's, then sign up. Alternatively, please contact us for a free appraisal of your situation and what we can do to help.