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  • If you are checking how well your site is doing in the search engines as far as ranking so, you need to be aware of a couple of things that the search engines do: 1. They geotarget. This means that the search engine results will vary from town to town and from country to country. This is because the search engines, particularly Google like to make the search results more relevant to a region. If you are checking how you rank in the search results them you need to keep this in mind. Where you check from will affect what you see on the search results page. 2. They personalize. This means that what you see on the search results

    Aug 26,
    - by Admin
  • Link building is important for a website to ran well in the search engines. The more links there are to a website, the more highly it is likely to rank in the search engines. However, not all links are created equal and some website pass more what has become known as link juice. The most link juice comes from sites that are known as authority web sites. These sorts of website are sites that many website in a particular niche area link to. If a website in the Podiatry niche is a website that a lot of podiatry related sites link to then they would be considered an authority website. For example within Podiatry a some of the key authority

    Aug 13,
    - by Admin
  • Webmasters are always interested in how much traffic a competitors site gets and how they rate relative to a competitor. Trying to determine a competitors traffic is not really possible, so there is a need to rely on other sources. One source that some webmasters look to is the Alexa rankings. Alexa have a toolbar that over a million users have installed and they collect data on the sites they visit to come up with a ordered ranking of the sites based on how much traffic that get from the toolbar users. A number of webmasters use to information to compare their sites with others. Unfortunately the Alexa Ranking is not of much use. No search engines use it to

    Aug 08,
    - by Admin
  • Getting backlinks (links from other sites to yours) is a major factor in ranking sites in the search engines. Generally, it is the more, the better. Webmasters do like to know how many sites link to theirs and there are a number of ways to do this. Google do let searchers to use the link: operator to show some links that are pointing to a page.  Here is the link operator for Podiatry SEO. However, from a link building perspective its not particularly useful. Some facts and observations on the Google link: operator: 1. It only ever shows a relativly smallish random sample of all the links 2. The sample is very random and mixed 3. There is no known criteria other than random

    Aug 07,
    - by Admin
  • This topic continues to rear up and is not without its controversy on podiatry and running forums (see: Barefoot Running Debate on Podiatry Arena). Many claims for the science get debated with the barefoot running community taking research to show that barefoot running is supported by the science when an analysis of the research shows that it does not actually support it (see: Running Barefoot is Bad). None of this actually means that there is anything wrong with barefoot running or that it is bad, it merely means that the research claimed by the barefoot runners as supporting it and widely reported in the media are misreported (see: Barefoot Running and its Interpretation by the Media). Some in the barefoot

    Aug 06,
    - by Admin

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