General Questions

1Is your service worth it?
Of course, we think it is. How much is new patient worth to you? How many new patients do you need to pay for our service? One a week? How many new patients do you think you can get by ranking higher in the search engines? What is your general cost of acquisition of a new patient compared to what we charge?
2Are your prices competitive?
Of course they are. Check around if you want to. We are super focused on podiatry, so can deliver more for less. The super focus allows us to deliver some unique things that really make a difference.
3Who is behind PodiatrySEO?
We are a full service professional SEO firm and Web Hosting service, (SEO Oraguntan) and have teamed up with Craig Payne to offer PodiatrySEO. Craig is the Admin at Podiatry Arena and blogs at Running Research Junkie and runs other podiatry web related properties. As such he is very familiar with the podiatry online landscape, has a lot of experience with search engines and the ranking of websites for many keywords. It is the unique perspective and experience (and a few secret sauces that others do not have) that Craig brings that gives us that edge to help you.
4What do you do? How do you do it? How do you improve the rankings of our website?
Information is listed under each package (One and Two) of the strategies that we put in place. We think we have an advantage over our comeptiters due to the intimate knowledge of the podiatry webscape and can, especially, get the kinds of powerful contextually relevant backlinks that your site needs to rank better in the search engines.
5Will you take on our competitors?
No. That is our promise. Once we get a client, we will not take on another in the same zip code. That would not be ethical.
6Do you provide reports?
Yes. You will get a monthly report of what we did, what your rankings are and what your website's traffic is. You will know exactly what we did and what affect it is having.
7What about multiple locations or cities?
The public prices that we quote are based on one keyword (ie podiatrist in "city") and we work on improving that. Ranking for other keywords or locations will tend to improve as well, but generally not as well. If you have multiple clinics in multiple locations, then contact us for a quote (tell us what the locations are).
8Do you offer a guarantee?
As much as we are confident in our strategies and would like to, we can't. No one can guarantee a particular ranking in a search engine. It is not possible, especially if all your competitors are using SEO's to do work for them at the same time (and you will fall further behind if you don't). We and you have no way of knowing if they are (though we might have suspicions). While we offer no guarantees, we are confident that what we do will result in a significant improvement in your search engine ranking and in the traffic that you get locally from the search engines, which will convert to new patients.
9Which country do you accept?
We can take on clients in any country. We work internationally. To keep things manageable we do quote and accept payment in US dollars as that is probably the most universal currency.
10How long do you recommend that we stay on Package Two?
As long as it takes. The amount of time generally depends on how much competition you have and what they are doing.
11How do we change plans?
Just contact us and we will change you over. We will recommend when to change from Package Two to Package One when your site is ranking where we want. Package One is more of a maintenance package and Package Two is the one to get you ranked (and get those new patients coming in from the search engines).
12Can we cancel?
Yes; at any time. There are no contracts. You just need to stop the payments at PayPal and cancel at any time with no obligations. PayPal will notify us when you cancel. But we do ask that you give it at least quite a few months before you begin to see results. Additionally, stopping Package One which aims to keep you in the 3-pack of the Google search results may mean you might get displaced by a competitor.
13Do you offer refunds?
No. We do the work that we are paid for. However, there are no long term contracts in place that others require, so you can cancel at any time.
14Can we contact clients that you have done work for? Do you have references or testimonials that we can verify?
We do have some anonymized case study's of clients that we have done work for. They prefer anonymity, which we have to respect. For those clients that have given us permission, we can pass on their contact information for you to check out. Contact us about that.
15Get a Quote for a more complicated proposal
Contact us for a free appraisal of your situation and what we can do to help or