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Our website and so many other websites are based on the WordPress content management system, mainly because it is so flexible and versatile and as it is widely used, there are now so many options for building sites using it. That popularity has its downside. As it is so popular, it is a popular target for hackers and those who are up to mischievous things. This means those with WordPress have to take steps to to make sure that the website is kept up to date with the latest version of the platform, themes and plugins that WordPress use to prevent these attacks. Security needs to be tightened. Additionally back-ups, preferably in the cloud or offsite to the host need to be taken regularly to facilitate recovery from hacks and server problems. As there are so many features built into WordPress, this can make the platform ‘clunky’ and slow, so improving the speed is important not only for the visitor to the site, but to the search engines who prefer faster sites to crawl and send their user to.

For all those reasons we are proud to be associated with LookAfterWP who take care of all that. For a competitive monthly fee you get daily backups; protection and recovery from malware and hacks; and performance tweaks; and monitoring of the site for all sorts of problems.

Alexa Website Rankings http://www.podiatryseo.com/alexa-website-rankings/182/ Mon, 14 Mar 2016 00:33:27 +0000 http://www.podiatryseo.com/?p=182 alexa ankings
We have had a couple of questions about this. Best answer is to ignore it. Alexa are a company owned by Amazon.com that rank websites based on how much traffic they get. Some have asked if improving the Alexa ranking of their site is a good outcome of SEO. Not really and it is not a metric that we look at.

The problem is that Alexa determines this by the number of visits a site get by visitors whose web browsers that have the Alexa tool bar installed. This represents a very small fraction of internet users and will be heavily skewed towards the websites that those who install the tool bar are most likely to visit. It is easy to influence a particular websites Alexa ranking by just installing the tool bar in your browser and clicking on the site several times a day! As it is so easy to manipulate and the data comes from a very small biased user group, it should be obvious why it best to ignore it.

Having said that, it does have some entertainment value to compare sites. Alexa do publish the top lists in various sectors. PodiaPaedia does keep a listing of podiatry related sites ranked on their Alexa ranking.

The importance of backlinks http://www.podiatryseo.com/the-importance-of-backlinks/140/ Thu, 10 Mar 2016 02:04:07 +0000 http://www.podiatryseo.com/?p=140 Anyone who has been around SEO since the beginning knows about the importance of the number of links that there are to a website. That is partly how the search engines determine how important a site is and ranks it higher. When it comes to the local search rankings, Moz in their annual survey of local SEO experts found that link related factors was extremely important in determining the rankings of a website in the search engines.

Not just any old link from another site (backlink) will do, otherwise the blackhat spammers will just pollute the web with 1000’s of links to help sites rank better. The search engines are fussy when it comes to the links that help. Preferably the backlinks should be from other important websites; they should be from relevant websites; and they should not look like they are spam and are just done to try and manipulate the search results. Anything less than that can result in wasted money and resources and even a ranking penalty from the search engines.

This is where PoduatrySEO has its strength. We know what it takes to get the right backlinks from podiatry relevant websites, as we have teamed up with people who know the podiatry landscape and operate properties in that landscape.

Case Study http://www.podiatryseo.com/case-study/106/ Mon, 07 Mar 2016 03:19:32 +0000 http://www.podiatryseo.com/?p=106 Case Study One
This was the first podiatry clinic client that we took on. They had a nice website which was getting some traffic, but most of it was for not relevant keywords that was from other cites and countries of no relevance to them. We could find no top 10 ranking in any search engine for them.

What did we do?

  • some minor tweaks to the NAP (name, address, phone) on the website
  • discrete placement of keywords on the website (which was already pretty good, but was not getting the right targeted traffic)
  • check and corrected some of the citations that the website had to ensure consistency with the NAP’s
  • created some new citations with the key directory’s
  • got to work creating the right important and relevant backlinks (this is our strength that our competitors just do not have the sort of access to that we do)

What Happened?
It took 3 months for the above to start working. They now rank first in the Google organic search results and first in the Google local 3-pack results when searching for “podiatrist in {city}“. For that investment, they now get several new patient phone calls a day as a result of that Google ranking. They continue with us on the maintenance Package One so we continue to strengthen and protect the rankings that they have.

What to they Think?

“What you have done for us is freakin awesome!”