Package One

Package One is the maintenance package. It is the package we recommend if you already rank well and its the package we recommend that you change over to once Package Two has done its job of getting your website ranking higher. You can go straight to this package and bypass package two if you want to and we would still expect your rankings to improve, but not as well as what would happen with Package Two.

The strategies and what we do is different between Packages One and Two. An assumption of Package One is that most of the strategies listed for Package Two have already been done (though we will check those as part of Package One, but over a longer period of time).

The aim of Package One is to reinforce the factors that are the reason(s) that why the website is ranking well in the search engines. We double check all the on-page factors listed in Package Two and then get to work on the backlinks from other websites (as they are so important). We strengthen the citations that the clinic already has and we strengthen the backlinks that you already have. We keep you one step ahead of your competitors to ensure that you remain listed and continue to get the benefits that good ranking in the search engines.

All of what we do will be documented in the monthly report we provide.

The cost of this package is less than what one new patient pays you. Is that not worth it?

Please sign up for this package or contact us for a free appraisal of your situation and what we can do to help.